Vođenje kabela

  • Cable entry, modular
    Cable entry, modular

    This type of cable entry is completely flexible – even in the case of pre-assembled cables. The seal inserts can be adapted individually to the required cable cross-sections. The modular cable entry is available in the form of a gland plate and for installation on any desired surface.


  • Uvođenje kabela za podne otvore
    Uvođenje kabela za podne otvore

    Individual gland plates of the enclosure systems TS, SE, CM and the TP top console may be replaced with cable entry plates. Cable entry grommets and connector grommets ensure a high level of IP protection with user-friendly installation.


  • Prirubne ploče
    Prirubne ploče

    For cut-outs in the wall-mounted enclosures or for free mounting on surfaces. For cable glands in the versions metric or PG. For 482.6 mm (19") wall-mounted distributors in the EL series, the solid gland plate may be exchanged for a gland plate with brush strips.


  • Vijčani spojevi kabela
    Vijčani spojevi kabela

    Cable glands in the materials polyamide, brass or stainless steel. High-quality protection (IP 68 or IP 69K) for applications in the food industry or in clean rooms can be achieved with the HD cable gland.


  • Provođenje kabela
    Provođenje kabela

    Pre-assembled connectors may be inserted into the enclosure or cabinet in various ways: Sealing frame, stepped collar, or connector / cable glands.


  • Vođenje i sabiranje kabela
    Vođenje i sabiranje kabela

    Various options are available for cable clamping and are used identically both inside the enclosure and in the base/plinth. By relocating cable clamping into the base/plinth area, more mounting space remains inside the enclosure, rather than being lost to allow for bending radii.


  • Vođenje kabela 19''
    Vođenje kabela 19''

    Whether a patch enclosure or a corridor distributor with one 482.6 mm (19") level, or a server rack with two 482.6 mm (19") levels, the diverse range of system accessories meets all cable routing requirements at the side, in front of or behind the 482.6 mm (19") level.


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