Configuration made easy. With RiPanel.

It has never been easier to order and order an enclosure with accessories

VX IT - the world's fastest IT Rack

Looking for the right solution for your Network or Server application?

Reducing the carbon footprint

With the new Blue e+ S cooling units for small output categories

CS Outdoor Enclosures

Rittal have a range of enclosures specifically designed to meet the needs of your outdoor projects. With off the shelf solutions available in both wall mounted and floor standing, aluminium and plastic, single or double skinned, there's a solution for everything.

RiMatrix Next Generation – Modular is the way forward.

Exceptional modularity and flexibility aligning rack, power, cooling, monitoring and security to meet all your IT needs.

Free-standing enclosure system VX SE

Because often, simple is best


Accelerate processes with Eplan and Rittal - along the entire value chain

Benefit from a unique, unparalleled system platform Industry and IT

Enter the world of Enclosure manufacturing 4.0

At the Rittal innovation and training centre, we showcase the latest solutions for your value creation processes, from engineering to procurement, and from manufacturing through to operation.

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Our Software

Software solutions from Rittal and Eplan include expert support at every phase, from engineering, to procurement, through to manufacturing and operation.

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