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Update on the corona virus

Covid 19 is spreading across the globe, including Germany. Rittal is taking consistent measures across all its sites:

Our task force assesses the current situation on a daily basis. In Germany and in all our subsidiaries, we follow the official guidance to slow the spread of the virus and protect our workforce, suppliers and customers, while also working hard to safeguard availability and delivery.

Will this affect your delivery?

We are pleased to announce that we are continuing to meet our paramount objective of on-time delivery. There are some significant restrictions on production and logistics, particularly in Italy and India. Until now, we have successfully managed to balance out these restrictions. We have stocked up our warehouses (in Europe alone, to the tune of around €110 million) and, where necessary, we can revert to deliveries from other regions.
Our delivery capabilities and the availability of our products applies to our standard range. Individual customisation orders are currently under review. We will notify you straight away if there are any delays to the delivery of your order.

We evaluate our measures on a daily basis and adapt to the current situation where necessary in order to maintain our usual levels of availability.

As you would expect from Rittal, we working hard throughout the entire group to slow the spread of the virus:

Preventive measures are consistently implemented across all our sites worldwide. Our reporting chain with appropriate quarantine rules comes into effect promptly if there is any suspicion of an infection and possible points of contact with the virus are detected. We have discontinued all travel, conferences, events and meetings and are available to customers at any time by telephone and video conference. We have arranged for our employees to work from home to ensure that key functions for our customers are maintained. At all locations, hygiene standards have been ramped up.

Where necessary, additional local measures are initiated at our subsidiaries and production sites to halt the spread of the virus.

Any questions?

Your familiar points of contact will be happy to provide detailed information and keep you in touch with the latest developments. The dedicated page on our website (www.rittal.de or www.rittal.com) is continuously updated, and includes quick access to product availability, technical information, our online shop, prices and contact persons.