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Areas where we can assist you: Process optimisation with data integration from planning through to delivery, and the use of efficient software tools and automation technology. Based on the analysed results, Rittal works with you to implement suitable measures to achieve an integrated, efficient workflow.

To ensure that your company derives long-lasting benefits from these measures, on request we will also review the success of newly integrated processes in collaboration with you.

Value chain consulting

Holistic, system-wide and bespoke.

Industry is making great strides with digitalization. The importance of digital data, as a vital resource, is escalating. Faced with incredibly tight plant production cycles, huge time and cost pressure is now commonplace. As well as delivering a high-quality product, key competitive advantages can be gained from having the most efficient process.
Switchgear manufacturers that focus on the entire value chain – from planning and design through to the placing of orders, production, delivery and service operations – can boost their efficiency and gain a vital edge on the market.

We offer a carefully considered, integrated concept combining consulting, software, products, support and services. Comprehensive and system-independent, while still allowing for individual approaches.

Digitalisation of the entire value chain and data integration across all processes and systems are essential pre-requisites for the automation of processes in enclosure integration and modification.

Your benefits:

  • Identify ways of boosting efficiency and productivity
  • Protect your competitiveness
  • Optimise the value chain
  • Cut throughput times

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the production process and representation of the individual steps in chart form
  • This analysis is followed by an in-depth concluding report detailing specific automation solutions to save you money in the value chain

Model No.: 1178.980

To maximise production efficiency in enclosure integration, all operations in production halls must be carefully  considered and planned.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum use of the space and room, while allowing for future production requirements
  • Integration of automation solutions into the workflow
  • A favourable production and manufacturing flow
  • Ergonomic workplace conditions

Our service includes:

  • Planning and visualisation of all results in a proposed hall layout

Model No.: 1178.981

System consulting

Our consulting package, for your added value.
The Rittal specialists work with you in 4 process steps and propose solutions from our comprehensive portfolio.

Step 1: Analyse the customer’s current situation at all levels

Step 2: Identify potential time and money savings

Step 3: Translate the results into specific measures

Step 4: Monitor progress and success

Your benefits:

  • Greater standardisation
  • Significant cost cuts (system benefits from Rittal standards)
  • Faster series production
  • Application optimisation
  • Reduced complexity of parts
  • Design to Cost (DTC) by using more efficient accessories
  • Validation and optimisation of enclosure climate control

Our services include:

  • Product analysis followed by a concluding presentation of results
  • Customised optimisation proposals at all levels

Problem-solving expertise for all IT scenarios

Rittal are trailblazers in innovative IT solutions that are quick & easy to buy and efficient & reliable to use. Our range of solutions offer maximum modularity, scalability and efficiency. They range from individual IT racks, to turnkey data centres in containers, through to flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions. This range is supplemented by flexible service models to maintain smooth-running operation at all times. Rittal is a strong partner to your company for the data centre’s entire lifespan.
Our holistic range of solutions includes meticulous concept development and project planning of your data centre, smooth-running assembly and installation, as well as professional commissioning. What is more, we also offer a predictive after-sales service as well as modernisation and optimisation solutions.

Rittal’s IT service and IT project sales are closely interlinked to guarantee a comprehensive consulting and servicing portfolio. A central project manager coordinates everything, for one-stop expertise that will save you time and money.

Want to find out more about the options available? Call us for an individual discussion on +353 599 18 21 00 or send us a non-binding enquiry via email.

Ecosystem IT

For all IT scenarios: Fast, dependable, exceptional

Imagine if technologies such as cloud and edge computing, data analytics, AI or 5G evolved automatically to keep pace with latest developments, and you no longer needed to worry about the impossible IT challenges posed by the explosive growth...