Celler Land Geflügel

Hygienic protection of the control electronics

Every day, more than 500,000 packages of fresh chicken leave the two slaughterhouses and cutting plants at Landgeflügel. The highest standards of hygiene have to be adhered to when preparing fresh poultry. Hygienic Design enclosures from Rittal offer protection for the sensitive control electronics during the daily cleaning and disinfection of the system components.

Our experience has been so positive that we chose HD enclosures across the board when fitting out the new site at Wietze.
Fabian Thölke, Head of Maintenance at Celler Land Frischgeflügel

Hygienic Design enclosures at the centre of the process field

Hygienic Design enclosures (HD) from Rittal, specially designed to meet the hygiene requirements of the foodstuff sector, offer Landgeflügel added product and process safety in the production process: Made of stainless steel and with a sloping roof, they can be cleaned without leaving behind any residues. The hallmark of the HD is its blue, external silicone gasket. It seals without leaving any gaps, so protecting the electronic components installed in the enclosure from penetrating water.

Enclosures stand up to being cleaned every day

The Hygienic Design enclosures made their debut in some parts of the production system at Emsland Frischgeflügel. At the headquarters of Landgeflügel, which was opened in 2003, individual enclosures were first tested in running operation. What really mattered was that the test enclosures withstood being cleaned every day. Porous gaskets and leaks that had occurred over and over again in earlier enclosure solutions, and which caused damage to the sensitive control electronics, no longer occurred with the HD range.

Use in the conveyor belt and packaging fields

The main application field of the HD enclosures at the Wietze site are the conveyor belts, several kilometres long, which ensure the precisely timed transport or the exact outward transfer of the various chicken products following the complex cutting processes. The enclosures also represent a key constant in the packaging area, which consists of eight different lines.


Celler Land Geflügel
Wietze near Celle, Germany

Highest product and process safety
Residue-free cleaning of enclosures
Porous gaskets and leaks not acceptable


Hygienic Design enclosures (HD), used at conveyor belts and in packaging areas