Charging infrastructure

Electromobility is booming – charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Electromobility is really taking off – not least thanks to government funding. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is helping to alleviate the current problems relating to range, infrastructure and costs.

Rittal is working with partners to design central infrastructure elements required for charging stations and is producing components for this infrastructure along the entire value chain – from power generation to climate control in the charging stations.

A charging infrastructure that is standardised, safe and fast

Its enclosure, climate control and power distribution portfolio makes Rittal the ideal partner for setting up a reliable high-performance charging infrastructure.

  • An ingenious modular system comprising enclosures (single-walled and double-walled) and climate control
  • Robust enclosures made from premium materials with a UV-resistant spray finish and high protection categories
  • Thanks to sophisticated climate control concepts for optimum temperature and constant heat distribution regardless of the weather in powerful 350 kW rapid charging stations
  • Thanks to Rittal climate control solution with up to 75 per cent lower energy consumption and maximum flexibility as a result of multi-voltage capability
  • Thanks to smart service concepts for boosting system availability and service efficiency that are fit for the future


Protected from rain and sunshine

The German city of Freiburg boasts a fleet of climate-friendly electric buses. These buses benefit from an ingenious charging infrastructure from SBRS GmbH incorporating Rittal components that offer ideal protection against the elements and unauthorised...