Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Growing data volumes and escalating demands on the IT structure can often cause problems in existing IT environments. Modular containers for local outdoor siting offer a possible solution for big data applications. The individuals in charge of IT and data centres are all too familiar with the challenge of finding solutions for their particular applications which combine maximum cost-effectiveness with energy efficiency. Cooling the data centre is crucial, as it accounts for a large proportion of rising energy costs.

The Rittal data centre container with innovative Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit is the ultimate solution for extending your IT infrastructure outdoors with resource-conserving, cost-effective, energy-efficient cooling. With up to 75% potential energy savings, the Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit is your perfect cooling solution for a sustainable container. This combination is also scalable, which means that your IT can grow with you.

The e+ principle – how does Blue e+ cooling technology work?

The hybrid technology behind Blue e+ cooling unit takes your cooling energy efficiency to a whole new level. The active cooling circuit with speed-regulated components provides demand-based cooling by dissipating heat from the rack via the integral heat pipe for passive cooling as soon as the ambient temperature drops below the setpoint.

This saves a great deal of energy, which in turn reduces energy costs, in situations with significant temperature differences.


Robust container meets smart, energy-efficient outdoor climate control.

The data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit is the ideal solution for extending your IT infrastructure outdoors – without the need for an external unit or cooling pipework!

Hybrid technology achieves an average 75% energy efficiency saving.

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Achieve cost savings of up to 17% on CAPEX/OPEX*.

*Compared with a conventional cooling solution.

The hybrid technology used in Blue e+ outdoor cooling units with passive components cuts carbon emissions by up to 11.8 tonnes per year*.

*Designed for 60 kW, full load, located in Frankfurt, 366 g/kWh

Intelligent networking of Blue e+ cooling units for monitoring physical environmental conditions.

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One device for all supply voltages and networks. By reducing complexity, you create even more freedom – one standard model and one range of spare parts is all you need.

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Space-saving Blue e+ Outdoor cooling units are easy to install. The Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit is attached directly to the cut-out in the container wall – a simple, space-saving solution.

A precise fit with individual scalability

The data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling units is the ideal solution for applications with an IT load of between 10 – 70 kW. Containers can be custom-manufactured to suit your individual requirements in sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

Planning to grow your IT next year, or want to be prepared? The Rittal container solution with Blue e+ outdoor cooling units gives you the option of incorporating future expansion into your planning. Cut-outs can be prepared in the container wall for quick, easy retro-fitting of additional Blue e+ cooling units.

In a nutshell.

Our expert Philipp Müller (Head of the Global Data Center project) answers the five key questions about the data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology.

What’s so special about the data centre container and which applications is it suitable for?

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