Implementation of Rittal cooling Solution in United Beverage

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"By reducing down time, we are expecting (Blue e) to mitigate our maintenance cost and increase our total productivity." (Basant Ballabh Sanwal, Senior Project Manager)


To provide right Cooling Solution to bottling plant and reduce their down time due to component failure.


  • Maintain right temperature inside the enclosure.
  • Increase the efficiency and durability of components.


Blue e Cooling Unit
Legitimate cooling solutions by Rittal providing desired cost-effective and energy conservative components.


Rittal started supplying cooling units (Blue e) as a replacement for the new project. It helped to reduce the operational costs of the bottling plants by avoiding component failure, thus helping to increase the efficiency of the cooling in control panels.



Rittal understands how heat can lead to system failure and can cause an increase in operational cost of bottling plant. In initial discussion we met with several representatives of bottling plants to understand the real issue for component and system failure and to explain what we can offer.

Once Rittal got approval to visit United Beverage, our team started with the audit process inside these plants to understand the real reason behind component and system failure. With the help of tools like RiTherm, we found many of the existing units were not up to the efficiency levels that were needed.

Further, our team suggested how we can increase the efficiency of the system by implementing cooling solution from Rittal. We proposed to change the old cooling unit with Rittal (Blue e) cooling units. Our proposal was accepted, and we started implementing cooling solution phase by phase at various UB plants across the length and breadth of the country.



The Blue e & Blue e+ is a complete new generation of cooling units that represents a quantum leap in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy conservation due to its speed-regulated components and patented heat pipe technology. Providing far higher energy efficiency than existing cooling solutions, the units also offer a range of powerful new features that provide longer component life, flexibility and ease of use.

Blue e & Blue e+ uses an innovative hybrid process that relies upon two parallel cooling circuits (Passive and Active) working together, depending on temperature difference. The integral heat pipe dissipates heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature falls below the set point, providing passive climatization. Active climatization is achieved via the compressor's cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling. This unique inverter technology provides cooling output that is always exactly the amount needed at the time. Not only is energy consumption far less than with conventional technology, but the improved cooling leads to longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit itself.