Edge Data Center

Save CAPEX & OPEX with Rittal Edge Data Center Solution

The Edge Data Center or Micro Data Center is an innovative integrated data center infrastructure solution by Rittal, specifically designed for mission critical server room applications. Ease of manageability and growth potential are some of the biggest benefits of going with an integrated infrastructure.

Complete DC infrastructure solution offering Cooling, Fire detection & Suppression, UPS, Access Control & Remote Monitoring all integrated together inside a rack, resulting in less footprint and hence increased cost savings.

Benefits of Micro Data Center:

  • Pre-configured package for quick deployment
  • Modular scalable concept saves up to 50% of floor space
  • Closed loop cooling saves up to 30% of energy
  • Highly flexible 1 / 2 / 3 / 6 rack scalable solution
  • Effortless management with intelligent monitoring and controls
  • Easy to relocate

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