Rittal Liquid Cooling Package – LCP DX

2014-01-30. Rittal Liquid Cooling Package has been conferred the honor recognition title for Data Center Cooling [Large Enterprise / SME] by CIO CHOICE 2014.

Mumbai—CIO CHOICE 2014 at the Red Carpet Night Event—Today amidst 300+ CIOs from India, Centre of Recognition & Excellence received the recognition honor title CIO CHOICE 2014 at the Red Carpet Night Event. This 2nd annual list mentions the recognized brands of ICT vendors that are determined through an independent CIO voting survey from across the country on product performance, customer satisfaction and continued customer service. It is a recognition and validation that CIOs can trust because it is ‘By the CIO and for the CIO’. It offers the CIO community an authentic aid to finding and considering the most preferred and stable products, services and solutions. Having earned the honor to wear the CIO CHOICE logo ICT vendors will be enjoying new media campaigns and amplified CIO exposure resulting in increased sales.

“CIO Choice trust seal is validation from CIO community trust in the recognized brand,” said Anoop Mathur, President at Centre Of Recognition & Excellence.

Rittal India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG. Rittal, headquartered in Herborn, Germany, is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclo-sures, power distribution, climate control and IT infra-structure, plus software and services. Systems made by Rittal are deployed in a variety of industries, including mechanical and plant engineering, IT and telecommuni-cations.

The company’s broad portfolio includes complete solutions for modular and energy-efficient data centres: from innovative security concepts for data systems to physical data and system security for IT infrastructures. Interdisciplinary engineering solutions from leading software vendor Eplan complement Rittal’s products.

Founded in 1961, Rittal is now active worldwide with 11 production sites, 64 subsidiaries and 40 agencies.

Rittal Liquid Cooling Package – LCP DX

Ideal hardware cooling – whatever the location

Even if the data centre consists of just one room with a server enclosure – the high power dissipation of current computer hardware can quickly lead to a dangerous build-up of heat. Rittal India Pvt Ltd – Mr.Jacob Chandy, Vice President Sales & Marketing says ‘The IT climate control specialist Rittal has a reliable remedy in the form of the flexible and easily installable Liquid Cooling Package Direct Expansion (LCP DX) cooling option”

Rated at 12kW, the Liquid Cooling Package Direct Expansion (LCP DX) can be deployed in either cold aisle containment or high density rack cooling.

The LCP DX is mounted on the side of the rack, to form a closed system in either the rack or the cold/hot aisle containment. This eliminates the need of false flooring or even a dedicated server room.

Warm server air is drawn in directly from the rear of the rack and cooled air is blown back in front of the 19" equipment level from the side, over the whole height of the enclosure.

Rittal’s LCP DX has four EC fans for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Flow characteristics of the heat exchanger are optimized for the lowest possible pressure losses on the air side to minimize the energy consumption of the fans. The speed regulated compressor enables the cooling output to adapt to the actual requirements, thus making this solution the most energy efficient solution in this space.

Maintenance and service for all relevant components can be achieved quickly and simply due to the optimized layout. The fans can be exchanged quickly and at any time, even while the system is operational (hot swapping). In addition the fans are installed in the cold air section, which increases their service life.

“By being voted by CIOs, Rittal has proven their expertise in specific technology areas, places them among the top percentile of enterprise ICT vendors in India” said Anoop Mathur President at Centre Of Recognition & Excellence. “When CIOs look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has trust of CIO Choice Logo is an intelligent move. It is a CIO endorsed IT brands with successful deployments at their customer ends.”

KPMG is the knowledge partner for CIO CHOICE 2014.

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