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A strong role model who creates value – Dr Friedhelm Loh awarded honorary professorship

2017-11-24. A successful, family-run company, support for research and teaching, social and Christian commitment – entrepreneur Dr Friedhelm Loh is setting standards in business and science. The unyielding commitment of the family entrepreneur has now been honoured with the title of honorary professor.

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  • New Edge Data Center Configurator from Rittal

    2018-02-15. The Internet of Things is rapidly taking shape. It is now clear that companies are adapting their IT infrastructure. Edge data centers are helping to process the vast amounts of data involved in this digital transformation, near to the point where the data originates.

  • Slimline motor controllers create space in enclosures

    2018-01-23. Small drives for machines and equipment often lie in the range of up to 9.0 A and are protected by conventional motor circuit breakers. With the new motor controllers for its RiLine Compact power distribution system, Rittal is now able to offer a sophisticated solution using new technology that is far from ordinary.

  • Rittal climate tips: Is a cooling unit really necessary?

    2017-10-17. Electrical components in control enclosures generate heat. This heat needs to be efficiently dissipated from the enclosures so as to protect them against excessive temperatures. An active climate control solution such as a cooling unit is not always needed, though.

  • Rittal presents IT security solutions at the 2017 it-sa

    2017-09-06. The volume of data is growing rapidly in the course of Industry 4.0 (IoT) and digitization. Digital data is already being referred to as the “oil of the twenty-first century”. The fear of lost data is putting IT security more under the industry’s spotlight.

  • be top magazine: “Mastering the cloud”: How companies build up trust

    2017-08-18. Public, private or hybrid cloud: Using the cloud is increasingly becoming a long-term, economic success factor for companies. However, there is one essential requirement – trust. The new edition of “be top” explains why technological progress needs a good measure of trust if it is to thrive.

  • Rittal IT practical days: Digital transformation = 3 x 1

    2017-08-01. Leading studies suggest that global data volumes will increase tenfold to 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. Associated infrastructure demands and the need for data center services will grow in parallel to this in the coming years.

  • Impetus for a digital future – Rittal endows a chair for Industry 4.0

    2017-07-20. Forging technological progress in the Middle Hesse region of Germany is a top priority for Rittal. This is why the world’s leading provider of industrial enclosures and climate control systems is now co-endowing a chair to focus research into Industry 4.0 at Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences.

  • Rittal honoured as a driver of innovations among medium-sized companies

    2017-07-14. Rittal has secured a place among Germanys hundred most innovative companies. The world’s leading provider of industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure has been honoured by leading innovation researchers for developing ground-breaking technologies.

  • Rittal honoured as an electronics pioneer

    2017-07-13. Rittal has been recognised by trade magazine “Elektronikpraxis” as a “Milestone in Electronics”. In the context of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, the world’s provider of industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure won the award in the category of enclosures and climate control.

  • Rittal is a driver of standardized Open Rack technology

    2017-07-06. Over three per cent of global electricity output is currently expended on data centers – one of the fastest-growing consumers of power today. This development is being countered by the recently founded Open19 Foundation with a new concept: standardized, modular IT infrastructures ensure higher efficiency, reduced costs

  • Climate control in the food industry

    2017-06-07. Climate control of enclosures with water cooling is highly efficient. The new Hygienic Design air/water heat exchangers from Rittal are ideally suited to the food industry, where hygiene requirements are exceptionally stringent.