VX25 Ri4Power

  • Modular front design
    Modular front design

    For separating different functional zones within the enclosure. Partial doors with or without viewing window may be combined as required between the top and bottom front trim panel. The modular front may be fitted instead of front doors or rear panels on the Rittal enclosure system.


  • Busbar systems Flat-PLS
    Busbar systems Flat-PLS

    System assembly with flat copper bars in the roof or rear section.


  • Busbar systems Maxi-PLS
    Busbar systems Maxi-PLS

    Perfect system technology in a super-compact design, simple and infinitely variable attachment on the four attachment levels of the Maxi PLS busbars.


  • Busbar systems Ri4Power 185 mm
  • Connection system
    Connection system

    For the coupling of Maxi-PLS and Flat-PLS bars with one another, with RiLine60 rail systems or with power circuit-breakers.


  • Cover systems
    Cover systems

    Contact hazard protection for main busbars in the rear section.


  • Fuse-switch disconnector section configuration
    Fuse-switch disconnector section configuration

    Easy installation, perfect contact hazard protection, reliable separation


  • Interior installation
    Interior installation

    A comprehensive range of interior installation accessories for enclosure systems and IT racks, such as mounting plates, rail systems, mounting components, component shelves, system lights, EMC and earthing accessories, socket strips


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