Network/server rack VX IT

Network/server rack VX IT

VX IT racks as building or corridor distributors for telecommunications, data and fire alarm systems

  • The solution for all network and server applications
  • Ideal platform for all requirements in modern IT infrastructures
  • Available in a variety of sizes and development stages
  • Modular concept: Quickly and easily find a solution tailored to your specific requirements with the customer-friendly configurator.
Bayed enclosure system VX25

VX25 baying systems – the system platform for almost any application

  • When combined with carefully selected system accessories, every enclosure is transformed into a dedicated specialist
  • Simple project management
  • Efficient configuration
  • Consistent engineering (digital twin)
  • Unique symmetry
  • Option of mounting directly from outside
  • Enhanced room efficiency
  • Infinite baying potential
  • Optionally in sheet steel or stainless steel
Operating housings and support arm systems

Support arm systems CP 60/120/180

  • Rittal support arm systems for requirement-driven assembly of command panels
  • For static loads ranging from 400 to 1800 N
  • Consistent combination options within the system offer extensive functional diversity
  • The integral rotation range restrictor supports optimum adjustment
  • Automatic, consistent potential equalisation
  • Added safety with seamless cable management
  • Planning via online configurator
VX25 TopTherm chiller
  • A single housing size for four output categories
  • Carbon footprint is reduced by up to 35%
  • Reduced volume of refrigerant, thanks to microchannel technology
  • Remote monitoring pre-integrated into the base unit
  • Integrated safety functions create enhanced safety
  • Minimum footprint
PC enclosure system

PC enclosure system

  • Secure accommodation of all PC components, from monitors, to PCs, to keyboards
  • Ultimate ease of operation plus a modern design
  • Perfect protection from humidity and dirt, temperature fluctuations and unauthorised access within production & assembly halls and warehouses
Air/water heat exchangers

Air/water heat exchangers

  • Air/water heat exchangers can also be used at extreme ambient temperatures ranging from +1 °C to +70 °C
  • High heat loads are dissipated in the most confined spaces
  • Contamination with dust and oil has no influence on function
  • The ingress of external dust into the cooled enclosure is prevented
Industrial Workstations

Industrial Workstations

  • Modular system for professional, ergonomic workstation configuration in industrial environments
  • May be combined with support arm system and command panels
Compact enclosure AX

Compact enclosure AX

  • In the variant 'Sheet steel'
  • Global approvals (e.g. UL, DNV-GL etc.)
  • Complies with protection category up to IP66 & NEMA 4
  • Secure cable routing meets high protection category standards
  • Standard gland plates are easily replaced
  • Integral perforated door strips create additional mounting space
  • Suitable mounting options for any installation site or for simply hanging on walls and flat surfaces
One-piece consoles TP

Console systems

  • Modular console system for individual requirements
  • Simple one-handed operation and reliable latching of the lid stay
  • Infinite installation options with our comprehensive range of assembly-friendly system accessories
Cooling units
  • Average 75% energy savings thanks to speed-regulated components and heat pipe technology
  • Suitable for international use due to a unique multi-voltage capability
  • Longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit due to component-friendly cooling
  • Intuitive operation due to touch display and intelligent interfaces
RiMatrix Micro Data Center/Edge Data Center

RiMatrix Micro Data Center/Edge Data Center

  • The RiMatrix Micro Data Center is available in a variety of designs
  • With a range of different cooling concepts and performance categories, there’s a solution for every application
  • May be used to extend existing IT systems or configure new IT infrastructures
  • Scalability for future-proofing
  • Energy-efficient design with a small footprint ensures straightforward implementation