Wall-mounted enclosures IT

  • Compact 482.6 mm (19") enclosures for small network applications
  • For optimum access and flexible use as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure
Network/server rack VX IT

Network/server rack VX IT

VX IT racks as building or corridor distributors for telecommunications, data and fire alarm systems

  • The solution for all network and server applications
  • Ideal platform for all requirements in modern IT infrastructures
  • Available in a variety of sizes and development stages
  • Modular concept: Quickly and easily find a solution tailored to your specific requirements with the customer-friendly configurator.
Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center Level E

A high level of protection against potential physical threats for IT
  • Micro data centres are available in a range of different designs
  • Suitable for installation at poorly accessible sites
  • Expandability for graduated investment in line with IT growth.
  • Tested fire protection, theft protection and a high level of IP certification protect the IT from external influences.
Aisle containment

Aisle containment

  • Aisle containment is a combination of door and roof components which facilitate consistent separation of the hot and cold air in the data centre. Such separation is pivotal to saving energy and increasing the efficiency of the available climate control technology.
  • Slimline door element with viewing window and sliding door
  • Stable roof elements in a composite material with a high level of light permeability
  • Where required, safety glass may also be used
  • May be used with CRAC systems or LCP Inline as hot or cold aisle containment
  • Increased energy efficiency and performance capability of climate control
  • Easily installed and retrofitted, as it is fully compatible with the VX IT rack system