Busbar machining CW 120-M

Busbar machining CW 120

  • Fast, accurate and ergonomic bending, punching and cutting of busbars
  • Machining of copper and aluminum
  • Optionally in mobile or stationary design
Storage and transport trolley LT 1000

Storage and transport trolley

  • The LT 1000 storage and transport trolley is used for storage and order picking, and ensures easy handling of enclosure panels such as mounting plates, enclosure doors, side panels and rear panels
Laser centre Perforex LC 3030

Spare parts, Perforex LC

  • Perforex laser centers are specially designed for automated mechanical modification of standard enclosures
  • 3D enclosure machining without repositioning the workpiece
  • No tarnishing or discolouration of the cut edges when machining stainless steel
  • Spray-finished metal parts, even those with delicate contours, can be cut without damaging the paint or causing discolouration
  • Product range covers everything from compact to large enclosures
  • Contactless, low-vibration machining with no tool wear
  • No need to clamp the workpieces
  • Machining speed with stainless steel 20x faster than with conventional milling process
  • Ergonomic working, thanks to the extendible support surface for enclosure and panel machining
  • Simultaneous machining of 5 sides
Cutting centre Secarex AC 18


  • Partially automated cutting of wiring ducts, cable duct covers and support rails to the required size, especially for one-off and small-scale production
  • Fast, precise, reliable working
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly, reliable operation
  • Very low costs for cutting waste thanks to optimisation of the cutting process
  • Significant time savings compared to manual cutting
  • Clean cuts with high-performance tools
  • Automatic retraction of the end stop during the cutting process
  • Cut controllable via viewing window
  • Five DIN rail sizes in one template
Wiring duct cutter MC 125

Wiring duct cutter MC 125

  • Enables inexpensive manual cutting of wiring ducts
  • Automatic length stop
  • Anodized support surface with laser-engraved dimension division in millimeter and inch scalin
  • Safe processing due to integrated finger protection
  • Intended for mounting on a workbench
Assembly frame

Assembly frame

  • For ergonomic, back-friendly working
  • Individually positionable in the workshop, as it is independent from the power network
  • Minimum space requirements during non-use
  • Simple handling due to four castors including total lock function
  • Variable mounting plate attachment with a quick-release fastener
One-piece consoles TP

One-piece consoles TP

  • Modular console system for individual requirements
  • Simple one-handed operation and reliable latching of the lid stay
  • Infinite installation options with our comprehensive range of assembly-friendly system accessories
Wire Terminal WT fully automated wire processing machine

Wire Terminal WT fully automated wire processing machine

  • Processing of 24 or 36 different wires in cross-sections from 0.5 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Faster processes thanks to fully automated wire processing with individual wire printing and order-picking
Crimping machine L8

Semi-automated machines

  • Semi-automatic machine for cutting wires to individually adjustable dimensions
  • Semi-automatic machine for stripping wires in different cross-section ranges
  • Electro-pneumatically driven wire stripping and crimping centre for loose, insulated wire end ferrules
  • Electrically powered wire stripping and crimping machine for taped wire end ferrules on a reel
Industrial Workstations

Industrial Workstations

  • Modular system for professional, ergonomic workstation configuration in industrial environments
  • May be combined with support arm system and command panels