Outdoor single-walled enclosures

Outdoor Basic enclosures

Single-walled enclosure systems, one-door and two-door

  • Ready to use in all applications with passive interior installation or minimal heat loss in the outdoor sector
  • Roof concept with all-round louvred grilles
Outdoor wall-mounted enclosures

Outdoor wall-mounted enclosures

Outdoor housing for compact enclosures AX

  • For use outdoors
  • For creating an enclosure-within-an-enclosure concept
  • Cut-out at the bottom and integrated louvres in the side and base for optimum enclosure ventilation
Container | Point of Presence (PoP)

Modular data centre solutions

Modular data centre solutions with RiMatrix S, RiMatrix Data Center Container and Edge Data Center

  • Revolutionary alternatives to individual data centre construction
  • From standardised data centre modules to new infrastructure and cloud solutions
Outdoor double-walled enclosures

Outdoor Toptec enclosures

Stainless steel base frame and aluminium enclosure panels

  • High level of protection against corrosion
  • Chimney effect of the twin walls reduces the influence of sunlight
  • Protection category up to IP 55
  • Impact resistance up to IK10
  • Resistance class up to RC2


Outdoor multifunctional enclosures

Outdoor-Multifunctional enclosures

Platform for telecommunications solutions, designed for siting outdoors

  • Modular enclosure system
  • Weather canopy with ventilation
  • Gland plate with cable glands
  • 482.6 mm (19 ̋) mounting angles inside the enclosure, in stainless steel throughout
  • Aluminium mounting plate
  • Depending on the design, with single door/two doors, symmetrical or asymmetrical