CMC III Processing Units

CMC III Processing Units

  • Computer Multi Control (CMC) is a monitoring system system for network and server racks, standard enclosures, containers and rooms
  • Monitors temperatures, humidity, access, smoke, energy and many other physical ambient parameters
  • The system is modular and can be flexibly adapted to meet specific monitoring requirements
  • High exceptional savings are achieved thanks to monitoring via network and the automation of security processes
Liquid Cooling Package

Liquid Cooling Package

  • Efficient cooling solution for the dissipation of high heat losses from IT racks
  • The LCP product range offers both bay and rack-based models
  • Possibility to cater for a broad range of applications: Cooling of two rack suites in conjunction with aisle containment, or equally the cooling of single IT rack enclosures
  • There are basically two heat transfer media with which LCPs can be operated: Water and refrigerant

VX25 Ri4Power

  • The tested complete solution – Enclosure and bar system
  • Modular system for low-voltage switchgear
  • Tested and documented IEC/DIN 61 439 type certificate
  • Quick configuration and selection with support from the Power Engineering planning software
  • Technical support from Rittal
  • Significantly reduced planning, ordering and assembly times
  • License-free modular system
  • Standardized system solutions
TS IT Industry 4.0 / Edge

TS IT network and server rack enclosures

The TS IT platform meets all the expectations of a modern network or server rack.
  • Tool-free internal installation, maximum load capacity and structured cable management for universal use as a floor distributor or in a data center
  • The perfect equipment to suit any climate control concept: Solid glazed door for high-performance server applications with refrigerant- or water-based LCP cooling or vented doors for room air-conditioning
  • Modular concept: Quickly and easily find a solution tailored to your specific requirements
  • A standardized solution for all network and server applications
  • Available in a variety of sizes and development stages