Baying enclosure system VX25 Basic enclosure with glazed door/Swing frame

Baying system VX25 with visible door/swinging frame

  • With an aluminum viewing door at the front with an opening angle of 180° and carbon steel door at the rear with an opening angle of 130°
  • Simplified and consistent baying technology for all applications
  • Optionally with swivel frame for easy full or partial expansion for 19" components
  • The swivel frame can be placed in the enclosure at any height or depth in the 25 mm dimensional grid
CS Toptec

Outdoor enclosures Toptec

  • Stainless steel base frame and aluminum panels
  • High level of corrosion protection
  • The double-wall chimney effect reduces the influence of sunlight
  • Protection category up to IP 55
  • Impact resistance up to IK10
Outdoor Basic enclosure

Outdoor Basic enclosure

  • Single-walled enclosure systems, one-door and two-door
  • Ready to use in all applications with passive interior installation or minimal heat loss in the outdoor sector
  • Roof concept with circumferential ventilation gills
Cast aluminum housing GA

Cast aluminum housing GA

  • Rugged cast aluminum wall enclosure
  • Ideal for use in harsh environments
  • Protection category IP 66
  • Secure lid fastening thanks to captive, stainless screws
  • Simple interior installation with support rails or mounting plates
Baying systems TS 8

TS 8 modular, free-standing bayable enclosures

Ingeniously simple, fully symmetrical, and patented worldwide. This is the successful formula behind Rittal’s TS 8 bayed enclosure system
  • Rittal’s modular design allows for efficient system updates, flexible baying options and virtually endless configurations, all based on a robust 16-fold tubular frame system
  • The frame can hold weight loads up to 1,500 lbs. on the mounting panel and features multi-level mounting capability for unsurpassed flexibility
  • The 25 mm hole pattern allows components and accessories to be mounted in three directions – by height, width and depth – which provides maximum space utilization (up to 30 % more available space than traditional NEMA style enclosures of equal dimension)
  • The door is strengthened with an attached frame which includes holes on a 25 mm pitch pattern for the attachment of ducts, cable harnesses, wiring plan pockets and much more
  • The gasketed roof is secured with removable eyebolts that screw directly to the enclosure frame to seal out dirt and moisture