Accessori per sistemi di climatizzazione

  • Elementi filtranti
    Elementi filtranti

    If the air has elevated levels of dust contamination, it is advisable to use filter mats to extend the service life of the fan-and-filter unit and guarantee the protection category. Metal filters are particularly recommended in environments with oily ambient air.


  • Conduzione dell'aria
    Conduzione dell'aria

    Systems for targeted air routing and deflection in all areas of the enclosure. The air duct system allows cold air to be precisely routed into all areas of the enclosure. This effectively eliminates the risk of air short-circuits due to self-ventilated installed devices.


  • Distribuzione dell'acqua
    Distribuzione dell'acqua

    For discharging and transporting condensate, and for professional relocation of water connections and regulation of volumetric flow.


  • Controllo/Regolazione

    To boost efficiency and for optimum control (e.g. to reduce noise and save energy) of climate control solutions.


  • Accessori di montaggio
    Accessori di montaggio

    Accessories for achieving the protection category, and for making climate control products more user-friendly and easier to install.


  • Progettazione/Sorveglianza

    One key criterion of efficient climate control is the optimum design, control and monitoring of the installation. Our user-friendly tools and software solutions help you to calculate climate control requirements and assist with the diagnosis and analysis of products.


  • Soluzioni IIoT
    Soluzioni IIoT

    La digitalizzazione e l'interconnessione in rete offrono grandi opportunità per le aziende. L'interfaccia IoT consente di collegare facilmente le soluzioni di raffreddamento e i sensori Rittal per il monitoraggio delle condizioni ambientali fisiche in ambienti Industry 4.0.


  • Parti di ricambio per sistemi di climatizzazione
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