Data Center as a Service More and more companies are sourcing parts of their IT infrastructure from the cloud. Acquisition, assembly and operating costs for the planned IT environment play a big role in their decision.

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In this model, the focus is on the business services. The DCaaS model provides varying design scope for services depending on the cloud provider. Rittal and its partner iNNOVO Cloud offer flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions in the form of “IT as a Service” models.

Benefits include a modular design and automation/orchestration options. The OpenStack cloud management platform used is designed specifically for easy self-management, providing a graphical web interface for you to manage your IT resources. Anyone now opting for IT operations from the cloud should therefore select a service provider that offers and orchestrates all services from a single source. This enables errors and performance problems to be rectified faster. So you decide whether to operate your data center yourself or source it as a managed service from a private cloud.

Rittal will help you with this decision and offers support throughout a data center’s lifecycle – from planning to implementation and operation. This gives companies scalable solutions and flexible services with transparent costs.

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