Calculation program for the climate control of enclosures

The Therm software package takes care of the complex calculation of climate control requirements. A user-friendly interface guides you to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned climate control component. At the end of the calculation, you receive detailed documentation that you can either print out or simply transfer into your preferred word processing program. This provides maximum peace of mind when calculating climate control components.

All evaluations are based on the requirements of IEC/TR3 60890 890 AMD 1 and DIN 3168 for enclosure cooling units. A calculation of the overtemperature to IEC 61439 may be generated in Therm with a single click.

  • The documentation provided contains:

    • The calculated enclosure surface area
    • The radiant power emitted to the environment or absorbed from outside
    • The resultant required cooling output
    • The enclosure internal temperature excluding cooling measures
    • Proposed alternatives

  • Supply includes

    • Network-compatible
    • Supports 16 languages
    • Editable database showing the heat losses of standard components
    • Calculations are based on IEC/TR3 60890 AMD 1 and DIN 3168
    • Results may be printed out with all information, or saved as a file and then edited in a word processing program
    • Several enclosures may be calculated simultaneously

  • System requirements

    • 500 MB of hard drive space
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
    • or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher
    • or Opera 8.54 or 9.63
    • CPU with 1.8 GHz clock frequency
    • Windows 2000 or XP: Pentium 4, Celeron or equivalent AMD processor, 512 MB RAM
    • Windows Vista or 7: Dual-core or equivalent processor, 1 GB RAM

  • New in Version 6.3

    • Documentation of the overtemperature calculation to IEC 61439: The program generates a pdf in compliance with the IEC standard with just one click.
    • Interface to Eplan ProPanel: All information and parameters required for climate calculation are automatically transferred to Therm 6.3. The result of the calculation is also fed back to ProPanel, where the chosen climate control solution may be incorporated directly into the existing engineering as a 3D model.
    • Improved networking capability: Warnings are given of the simultaneous use and authorisation of projects
    • Suitable chillers are displayed when selecting air/water heat exchangers
    • Updated database

  • Project planning manual for enclosure heat dissipation

    The perfect addition to Therm: Draw on top industry expertise with the new standard publication "Project Planning Manual - Enclosure Heat Dissipation". As well as a major contribution from Rittal, the initiators of this publication include many highly respected companies such as Audi, Daimler, Siemens, Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen, Felsomat and Eplan Software & Services.

    The 80-page project planning manual is based on the experiences of the participating companies in enclosure climate control and the results of computer simulations (CFD analyses) concerning temperature development inside enclosures. It highlights the fundamental correlations between the cold airflow and the resultant temperature distribution inside enclosures populated with active electronic components.

    The contents include:

    • Arrangement of components inside the enclosure
    • Enclosure warming
    • Special considerations when cooling drive components
    • Principal aspects of enclosure climate control
    • Application ranges of enclosure cooling units
    • Appendix
    • (Checklist, minimum information for calculating enclosure climate control, project planning tools, dimensioning of a climate control component, and EMC notes)

    The publication "Project Planning Manual - Enclosure Heat Dissipation" is available from book stores under ISBN number 978-3-937889-74-0, published by the well-known south German publishing house onpact.