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Angela Merkel and Narendra Modi visit Rittal at the 2015 Hanover Fair

14.04.2015. Germany’s leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the innovative power of family-owned company Rittal during a visit to the company stand together with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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  • Effective IT rack components and cable management

    14.09.2015. Precise planning of internal components is critical, especially when IT racks are not installed in a standardised data centre environment. It is important to consider a number of criteria before selecting a rack: its exact purpose, the routing of cabling for power supply and networks, and the ideal cooling solution.

  • Rittal is the preferred rack manufacturer for IBM’s own data centres

    01.09.2015. Rittal - a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, IBM and Anixter - an IBM global strategic Alliance, signed an agreement governing IT racks in Europe. IBM has chosen Rittal to be its preferred supplier of racks for the next five years, with the aim of providing all of IBM’s European data centres with Rittal.

  • The industrialisation of data centre starts with Rittal

    25.08.2015. Understatement should not be on the agenda here: the Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD), a 120,000 square metre installation under construction near Måløy on Norway's west coast is going to be the European’s largest data centre. LMD is using standardised data centre infrastructure based on RiMatrix S.

  • IBM and Rittal forge strategic alliance for data centres

    18.08.2015. Rittal and IBM Resiliency Services have formed a strategic alliance that names Rittal as a preferred IBM partner and supplier for data centre projects with end-customers. The relationship encompasses all infrastructure solutions needed to establish a data centre.

  • Clever feature

    13.08.2015. Rittal has developed a cover retainer to ensure terminal boxes can be opened upwards safely, helping users to do servicing work safely in line with VDE regulations. It is easily fitted without drilling, and allows the cover to be opened upwards without the need for withdrawing the earthing strap first.

  • Pilot project offers refugees unique skills development opportunities

    11.08.2015. The number of refugees arriving in Germany is at a 20-year record high. Friedhelm Loh Group has joined forces with the Region of Lahn-Dill (where the company is headquartered) to launch a unique initiative – with the aim of creating opportunities for refugees by helping them to acquire marketable skills.

  • The path to the most suitable IT rack

    05.08.2015. What should project engineers and technicians pay attention to nowadays when planning and installing IT infrastructures? After all, they have to give equal consideration to the electrical, climate control and security requirements. Rittal provides answers to the questions most often asked.

  • The Rittal guidance to configuring enclosures

    03.08.2015. Many aspects of designing and manufacturing control systems and switchgear remain manual, and time-consuming. This is especially true of solutions that need to be tailored to very specific imperatives. However, the availability of high-quality data can streamline these engineering tasks.

  • Ten Steps towards an Optimal IT Infrastructure

    28.07.2015. What makes up the physical infrastructure of a data center? How do you go about selecting the optimal system components? And what service aspects and services are available? The answers to these fundamental questions can be found in the new White Paper by Rittal and Reichle & De-Massari.

  • Freedom on four wheels

    27.07.2015. The Rittal Foundation is donating 10,000 euros to the German Caritas Association for the purchase of a minibus. The vehicle will be available to refugees, enabling them to attend appointments at local government offices or doctors’ surgeries when there is no sufficient public transport infrastructure.

  • 185-mm energy distributor – making planning safe

    03.07.2015. The protection of people working on electrical switchgear is extremely important. This protection can often only be achieved through tested and standardised structures. In addition, the units must also tailored to individual needs and be quick to make. Rittal is showing that this is possible with only one system.

  • Designing a chiller – in just four steps

    18.06.2015. Designers and technical buyers in mechanical engineering can now plan machinery and process cooling more easily than ever thanks to the new Rittal TopTherm Configurator.