Voltage supply

  • Socket strips
    Socket strips

    The socket strips with 3 to 12 slots may be universally used for all wall-mounted and compact enclosures, thanks to variable attachment options. Versions available as pure energy distributors, or with functional elements such as circuit-breakers, overvoltage protection with interference suppressor filter or RC circuit-breakers.


  • Sockets

    Individual sockets for snap-mounting on support rails or for attachment to the enclosure frame of all TS 8 enclosures.


  • Energy-Box

    The depth-variable top hat rail accommodates built-in installation equipment. The variant with pull-out component front offers exceptional user-friendliness and optimum access to the wiring space from above and below.


  • Junction box with multi-functional bracket
    Junction box with multi-functional bracket

    The junction box for attachment to the TS 8 frame section or to rail systems serves as a transfer point for the power supply to all equipment such as fan-and-filter units, system lights and socket strips.


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