The world’s most successful enclosure system

27.11.2014. In 1999, accompanied by the slogan “infinite possibilities”, Rittal launched its TS 8 enclosure system. It turned out to be the start of a success story. Today, the TS 8 bayed enclosure, member of the “Rittal –The System.” product line, has become established as THE standard for many industries worldwide. With over ten million enclosures manufactured so far, the TS 8 system is considered the most successful in the world.

“High flexibility, efficiency, quality, and safety: these features have made the TS 8 a worldwide success,” explained Dr. Thomas Steffen, Vice President Research and Quality Management at Rittal. The TS 8 enclosure, the ten millionth of which was manufactured this year, is used in 92 percent of the world’s 1,005 branches of industry and has thus conquered nearly every industrial market within 15 years. These key industries include mechanical engineering, panel building and switchgear production, the automotive industry, energy, as well as information technology and telecommunications. The food and processing industries are also increasingly the stage for a robust and successful enclosure system.

For example, renowned companies like Siemens Werk für Kombinationstechnik Chemnitz (WKC), Germany, one of the leading suppliers of switching equipment and engineering services in European mechanical engineering, are benefiting from the advantages of the system enclosure. “We can meet many customer requirements with the TS 8 as the platform for the Rittal modular system and the climate control units and power distribution equipment that can be combined with it”, said Hans-Peter Kasparick, Head of Manufacturing Engineering at Siemens WKC.

The key success factors of the TS 8 include its high level of flexibility and efficiency, high quality and safety standards, as well as its availability worldwide.

The ultimate in flexibility and efficiency

As a platform for the “Rittal - The System.” modular system, custom-fit solutions can be created for power distribution, industrial automation, facility management, and data centres, thanks to the optimum technical interaction of components from mechanics, climate control and power. Faced by a variety of applications, customers no longer have to rely on different enclosure types, but can always benefit from the advantages of a uniform and universal system platform and a single range of accessories.

“Our customers can implement individual enclosure solutions within the shortest possible time, based on the globally unique range of accessories”, explained Dr. Thomas Steffen. He added: “TS 8 has many benefits: one of them is that almost everything fits and works intuitively because its components are kept standardised and simple.” As part of Rittal's ongoing development efforts, it has designed additional accessories such as the “Flex-Block” base/plinth system for tool-free assembly. Clever innovations such as positioning aids, one-person assembly, tool-free clip fastenings, and extended assembly space for the faster mounting of accessories also save plant constructors a great deal of time and money.

Alongside the perfect interaction with appropriate climate control and power distribution components, the TS 8 system platform permits synergy effects with other types of Rittal enclosures. This way, plant constructors can make significant cuts in time and costs with the TS 8 baying system, the SE 8 system enclosure, the CM compact enclosure, the PC enclosure, and the TP TopConsole system by using uniform system accessories.

The ultimate in quality and safety

Other distinctive features of the TS 8 include the uniquely high level of corrosion protection, as employed in the automotive industry. This ideal three-phase surface protection is made possible by nanoceramic pre-treatment, electrophoretic dipcoat-priming and subsequent powder-coating. Rittal’s own accredited quality lab at the company headquarters in Herborn guarantees internationally high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. There, the quality and safety of the products are examined on the basis of national and international standards. Thanks to the possession of all the major international approvals, the TS 8 has found its way into virtually every industry worldwide.

Worldwide off-the-shelf availability

Although initially, the TS 8 was produced solely in Germany, it is now manufactured in four other countries (the UK, India, the USA and China), and is therefore available internationally, along with its accessories. No less than 64 Rittal subsidiaries help ensure that it is marketed globally. Here, customers appreciate the immediate availability at the 90 storage locations worldwide, confirming this as a decisive argument for buying it again. By commissioning a new Global Distribu-tion Center in Haiger and a new delivery centre in Korea (Incheon Songdo), Rittal is underscoring its commitment to the further expansion of its international business and its efforts to keep the TS 8’s worldwide delivery times and availability at the highest level.

From Herborn to New York

If the ten million TS 8 enclosures manufactured so far were placed side-by-side (they are 600 mm wide), they would have a total length of 6,000 km (around 3,700 miles). That is roughly the same distance as from Herborn to New York.