IT infrastructure

  • RiMatrix S
    RiMatrix S

    With preconfigured, complete, standardised data centre modules, you can save valuable planning time and be fully operational straight away.


  • IT rack systems
    IT rack systems

    With our flexible system solutions, you will find the perfect rack for your individual requirements, covering all network applications, large and small.


  • IT enclosures
    IT enclosures

    Compact 482.6 mm (19") enclosures for small network applications. For optimum access and flexible use as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure.


  • IT power
    IT power

    Power distribution and back-up are key elements of IT High Availability. Rack power distribution is available as standard PDU or modular power distribution (PSM) solutions. This allows for individually adapted rack PDU solutions from basic power distribution up to intelligent solutions with extensive measurement and management functions.


  • IT cooling
    IT cooling

    Climate control concepts from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications, from cooling a single rack through to entire data centres. Safety and efficiency are our priorities.


  • IT monitoring
    IT monitoring

    Get a better overview of your IT infrastructure with our flexible, individual solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in the IT environment.


  • IT security solutions
    IT security solutions

    The perfect protection from physical threats to your IT infrastructure: From modular room systems, through to security safes and extinguisher systems.


  • Modular data centre solutions
    Modular data centre solutions

    Discover new perspectives: From standardised data centre modules to new infrastructure and cloud solutions.


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