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    Rittal ePOCKET – The digital home of automation technology. With the Rittal ePOCKET digital wiring plan pocket, your equipment and system documentation is always up to date. What's more, it can be accessed directly from any device, any time and anywhere. This will speed up your processes at every stage in the operation as well as saving you valuable time and money.

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    Fördelar: Immediate availability of equipment and system documentation
    Fast management of change
    Save on printing costs
    Up-to-date data is always available
    Leveransens omfattning: Annual fee (after a 6-month trial period) for using a digital wiring plan pocket (of a project) within Rittal ePOCKET
    Kommentar: Requirements: A Rittal enclosure with QR code from the VX25, VX SE, AX or KX series
    Step 1: Log onto the Eplan Cloud (if necessary register before)
    Step 2: Launch the Rittal ePOCKET
    Step 3: Scan the QR code from the Rittal ePOCKET
    Step 4: Create and complete your documentation
    Passar för skåptyp: VX
    VX SE
    Tullvarukod: 94039910
    EAN: 4028177976757
    Produktbeskrivning: Rittal ePOCKET annual fee for using a digital wiring plan pocket (of a project) within Rittal ePOCKET

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