PDU international

  • PDU international, metered version
    PDU international, metered version

    Compact power distributor with energy measurement per phase and/or infeed. Rapid overview of the power requirements of a complete IT rack. Distribution output up to 22 kW


  • PDU international, switched version
    PDU international, switched version

    Individually switchable output slots are the key performance feature of the PDU, which of course also offers a measuring function per phase/input. Current consumption data is shown on the OLED display.


  • PDU international, managed version
    PDU international, managed version

    High-end IT rack power distributor: Intelligent PDU with CAN bus interface for use with CMC III or PDU managed, switch function and energy data logging per output. Input with CEE connector (16 A/32 A) with C13 and C19 outputs.


  • Slave PDU international, managed version
    Slave PDU international, managed version

    Slave PDU for connecting to the PDU master versions, metered, switched and managed and the CMC III. Measurement and switching functions as for PDU managed, but without the integrated display and network interface/web interface. A PDU master or CMC III is an essential requirement for operation. A maximum of 3 slave PDUs can be connected per CAN bus.


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