Compact enclosures

  • Small enclosures KX E-Box KX, sheet steel
    Small enclosures KX E-Box KX, sheet steel

    The small enclosure KX, E-Box KX (sheet steel), offers remarkable ease of assembly and flexibility when selecting lock systems.


  • E-Box KX Stainless steel
    E-Box KX Stainless steel

    The stainless steel E-Box KX provides user-friendly assembly as well as flexibility when choosing your lock system. The 180° hinges supplied as standard provide excellent accessibility to the enclosure interior.


  • Compact enclosure AX
    Compact enclosure AX

    System perfection. The new compact enclosure AX provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus safe, flexible assembly and interior installation.


  • Plastic enclosures AX
    Plastic enclosures AX

    AX plastic enclosures, optionally with or without inspection window, are ideal for outdoor applications. Numerous mounting domes in the enclosure provide individual interior configuration options in a 25 mm pitch pattern, e.g. with punched sections and rails.


  • Compact enclosure AX Stainless steel
    Compact enclosure AX Stainless steel

    The robust stainless steel enclosure features an integral locator system, enabling fast, easy, reliable and extensive system configuration with no drilling required.


  • Wall-mounted enclosures EL
    Wall-mounted enclosures EL

    3-part wall-mounted enclosure with 482.6 mm (19") mounting level and designer glazed door. The vertically hinged desk unit provides optimum access to the installed components from the front and rear. The wall-mounting part allows cable entry from above or below.


  • VX SE free-standing enclosure system
    VX SE free-standing enclosure system

    Free-standing sheet steel enclosure with stable enclosure body, two integral mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. VX SE may be system-compatibly extended using VX25 accessories. Enclosure widths from 600 to 1800 mm and enclosures with 300 mm depth for applications in facility management. Efficiency is enhanced, as the side panels no longer need to be fitted and large enclosure widths replace small bayed suites.


  • Compact enclosures AE Stainless steel
    Compact enclosures AE Stainless steel

    Compact enclosure AE in stainless steel including mounting plate.


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