Console systems/PC enclosure systems/Industrial Workstations

  • TopConsole system TP
    TopConsole system TP

    3-part, modular system for individual requirements. Simple one-handed operation and secure latching of the lid stay. Compatibility with system accessories, such as base/plinths and cable entry grommets.


  • One-piece consoles TP
    One-piece consoles TP

    One-piece console for operating and monitoring, with large mounting plate and a high protection category of IP 55, available in four different widths. The AX lock plate ensures a uniform appearance, and two-part gland plates are included with the supply for simple cable routing.


  • Universal consoles TP
    Universal consoles TP

    Universal consoles TP, high level of stability and high protection category because the body is more or less manufactured from a single piece.


  • PC enclosure system
    PC enclosure system

    Secure accommodation of all PC components, from monitors, to PCs, to keyboards. For ultimate ease of operation in a modern design. Perfect protection from humidity and dirt, temperature fluctuations and unauthorised access.


  • Industrial Workstations
    Industrial Workstations

    Modular system for professional, attractive workstation design in industrial environments. May be combined with support arm system and command panels. System accessories may be used.


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