Slide rail, 1 U, depth-variable for VX IT, TE

Model No. IT 7063.750

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  • Slide rail, 1 U, depth-variable for VX IT, TE
  • Slide rail, 1 U, depth-variable for VX IT, TE
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    For server and network enclosures with two 482.6 mm (19") mounting levels, for mounting both on cranked and L-shaped mounting angles, 482.6 mm (19") mounting frames and on TE, pull-out.

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    Description: For direct attachment to the 482.6 mm (19") system punchings on the mounting angles. The slide rails are pulled out to the required length and secured between the front and rear mounting level on the 482.6 mm (19") pitch pattern.
    Benefits: No loss of U
    Thanks to the thin support surface of only around 0.8 mm thickness, exceeding the U pitch pattern is generally avoided, provided the components do not exceed a maximum height of 43.5 mm. In this way, several units may be easily arranged on top of one another without offset.
    Applications: For mounting on the front mounting level
    Material: Sheet steel
    Surface finish: Zinc-plated
    Supply includes: Assembly parts
    Note: Effective contact surface 30 mm per side
    To fit: Enclosure type: VX IT
    Enclosure type: TS IT
    Enclosure type: TE
    Installation options: For attachment between the front and rear 482.6 mm (19") mounting level
    Distance between levels: min.: 390 mm
    max.: 550 mm
    Contact surface: Width: 30 mm
    Units: 1 U
    Load capacity: 20 kg static load
    Packs of: 2 pc(s).
    Weight/pack: 1,98 kg
    EAN: 4028177625440
    Customs tariff number: 73269098
    ETIM 7.0: EC002625
    ETIM 6.0: EC002625
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27189234
    eCl@ss 6.0/6.1: 27182590
    Product description: DK Slide rail, Support surface Width: 30 mm, 1 U, depth-variable, 20 kg, static, distance between levels: 390-550 mm, For TS IT, TE

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     Slide rail, 1 U, depth-variable for VX IT, TE

    Model No. IT 7063.750

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