IIoT solutions

  • IoT interface
    IoT interface

    The IoT interface is a central component for the intelligent networking of Rittal cooling solutions or sensors for monitoring physical ambient conditions. Equipped with a wide range of interfaces and protocols, it is used to collate and transmit data to superordinate IT systems or to systems for the local monitoring of machine statuses.


  • Blue e IoT adaptor
    Blue e IoT adaptor

    In conjunction with the IoT interface (3124.300), the adaptor supports intelligent networking of cooling units in the Blue e series.


  • Riadiace jednotky CMC III
    Riadiace jednotky CMC III

    So vstupmi a výstupmi, na meranie/riadenie prúdu alebo riadenie/monitorovanie ventilátora, ktorý je regulovateľný otáčkami.


  • CMC III snímače
    CMC III snímače

    Na monitorovanie rôznych parametrov v skriniach alebo priestoroch.


  • CMC III Access systems
    CMC III Access systems

    Rukoväte, vnútorné blokovania a čítacie prístroje pre pripojenie na CMC III.


  • CMC III napájacie diely
    CMC III napájacie diely

    Power supply unit and connection cable for the power supply


  • CMC III CAN-Bus spojovacie káble
    CMC III CAN-Bus spojovacie káble

    Spája CMC III jednotky zbernice CAN na prenos informácií a energie.


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