Upevnenie na strechu/na stenu

  • Strechy

    Accessory components for the roofs of enclosures or racks may be customised to the specific task and installation site: Rain canopies, roof plates for cable entry or ventilation, top-mounted modules, transport aids and pressure relief devices.


  • Upevnenia na stenu
    Upevnenia na stenu

    Mounting holders tailored to the respective enclosure for stable mounting of the wall-mounted enclosures, plus additional attachment of stand-alone enclosures in the roof area.


  • Nastaviteľné spojenia pre skrine
    Nastaviteľné spojenia pre skrine

    Adjustable enclosure or frame connector for command panels, terminal boxes and compact enclosures


  • Upevnenie stĺpu
    Upevnenie stĺpu

    For reliable, convenient fastening to round or square poles.


  • Upevnenie stĺpu pre nástennú skriňu KL, EB, BG, AE, KS a CS
    Upevnenie stĺpu pre nástennú skriňu KL, EB, BG, AE, KS a CS

    Na spoľahlivé a pohodlné upevnenie na stĺpy s kruhovým alebo pravouhlým výrezom.


  • Lak

    Lak na vylepšenie, príp. na opravu namokro lakovaných povrchov a povrchov s práškovou úpravou, schnúci na vzduchu.


  • Corrosion protection primer
    Corrosion protection primer

    Single-component primers are ideal to protect against corrosion in areas where the paint has been removed due to cut-outs or similar. This serves to re-create corrosion resistance in the paint-free area. The primer satisfies the requirements of standard IEC 61439 for low-voltage and switchgear assemblies.


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