• Varianty dverí
    Varianty dverí

    Glazed doors and vented glazed doors allow quick visual inspections of installed components. Sheet steel doors may be installed instead of the rear panel, to provide access to the interior installation from the front and rear.


  • Modulárne vyhotovenie čelnej strany VX
  • Modulárne vyhotovenie čelnej strany TS
  • Priehľadné okienka a ovládacie panely
    Priehľadné okienka a ovládacie panely

    Displays, buttons, switches and other control instruments are protected from dust, liquids and unauthorised access in a high-quality look.


  • Uzatváracie systémy
    Uzatváracie systémy

    The lock inserts provided as standard may be exchanged for any type of handle and for other locks. A push-button is the practical alternative for fast, key-free opening of stand-alone and wall-mounted enclosures.


  • Kryty odpojovačov (verzia pre USA), pre TS
    Kryty odpojovačov (verzia pre USA), pre TS

    UL-compliant safety lock for enclosure suites in accordance with US regulations. The isolator door cover, in conjunction with the operating mechanism, adjacent door lock and interconnecting rods, meets the requirements of UL 508 A.


  • Závesy

    For free-standing enclosures, bayed suites and wall-mounted enclosures in the industrial and IT environment, the optimum door opening angle may be achieved to suit the application


  • Dvere, vnútorné
    Dvere, vnútorné

    Supports a wide range of attachment options for the stowage and archiving of documents and the installation of display and control instruments.


  • Ochranné lišty proti prachu
    Ochranné lišty proti prachu

    Na ochranu pred usadeninami na hornej hrane dverí.


  • Lak

    Lak na vylepšenie, príp. na opravu namokro lakovaných povrchov a povrchov s práškovou úpravou, schnúci na vzduchu.


  • Corrosion protection primer
    Corrosion protection primer

    Single-component primers are ideal to protect against corrosion in areas where the paint has been removed due to cut-outs or similar. This serves to re-create corrosion resistance in the paint-free area. The primer satisfies the requirements of standard IEC 61439 for low-voltage and switchgear assemblies.


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