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Customer reference Hermos System

AX Plastic ensures safety in railway tunnels

Standartisation for the energy industry

Get ready for the All Electric Society

Safe and secure in every enviroment

You are looking for a fast, secure and sustainable outdoor enclosure solution?

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Software solutions from Rittal and Eplan include expert support at every phase, from engineering, to procurement, through to manufacturing and operation.

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Our references


Protected from rain and sunshine

The German city of Freiburg boasts a fleet of climate-friendly electric buses. These buses benefit from an ingenious charging infrastructure from SBRS GmbH incorporating Rittal components that offer ideal protection against the elements and unauthorised...

Dormann + Winkels

Saving time during installation with RiLine Compact

Time and again, Dormann + Winkels has found accommodating electrical components for small auxiliary drives something of a challenge, but Rittal has the solution.


A smart city in Korea

Smart cities are networked, high-tech environments designed to improve residents’ personal and professional lives while also making them more sustainable. A prime example can be found in a new district of the huge city of Incheon in South Korea, which...

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