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Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, product use is regulated by release lists and operating equipment specifications. These standards mean, among other things, advantages in project engineering, in the worldwide use of identical parts, in the availability of...

The automotive industry is facing the biggest upheaval in its history with the transformation to electromobility. Electric vehicles are being added to product portfolios and huge investments are being made in development and production.

Optimising production processes is key. The ultimate goal is end-to-end digitalization of plants, including supply chains, along with the use of data analytics, AI and energy-efficient technology.

Rittal and Eplan will provide you with strong support. We take entire value chains into account and think in terms of your processes. Drawing on many years of automotive experience and complying with industry standards, we offer highly innovative industrial and IT solutions, and have a global track record of success.

Speeding up processes – in the running with Rittal and Eplan

Grab this opportunity to stand out from the competition and take pole position with the latest solutions from Rittal and Eplan.

Our performance promise:

  • Thanks to the global Rittal industry and IT standard for enclosure and rack solutions
  • Thanks to Eplan software, one of the smartest engineering systems for panel building and switchgear manufacturing
  • Thanks to value-adding solutions from Eplan and Rittal – from engineering and sourcing through to manufacturing and operations
  • Thanks to Rittal cooling technology for up to 75 per cent lower energy consumption
  • Thanks to Rittal DC technology, in perfect harmony with renewable forms of energy
  • Thanks to Lefdal Mine – one of Europe’s greenest and most efficient data centres

DC voltage supply in automotive engineering

Schaper Steuerungstechnik

VX25 in use

One of the major challenges facing this medium-sized switchgear manufacturer is producing switchgear on time and adhering to requested delivery dates. The new VX25 from Rittal saves an impressive amount of time in field testing.

Ford Motorenwerke

Service and efficiency check of cooling units reveals savings potentials

The Ford engine plant in Cologne was forced to shut down a number of times in the space of a year due to defective cooling units. The company immediately accepted the offer from Rittal to carry out a manufacturer-independent inventory of all cooling...

Voith Turbo

Energy costs reduced by 70 per cent

Voith Turbo discovered that switching the enclosure climate control technology used for the machining centres in its production department to state-of-the-art Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal could deliver considerable efficiency savings.