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Power transmission

Power transmission solutions

The growing share of renewables in the energy mix will put an enormous strain on the exisiting power grid and greatly increase the system’s complexity. Now, with many decentralised players, the previous grid – used for distributing centrally generated power – is becoming a complex network. At the same time, power generation fluctuates greatly depending on the location, time of day and prevailing weather conditions.

The main challenge lies in balancing generation and consumption. The energy infrastructure therefore has to become more transparent, flexible and intelligent. Digitalisation makes it possible to improve network utilisation and balance through smart monitoring and control.

Rittal – Solutions that convince

Rittal can offer you a modular system consisting of an enclosure and climate control solutions to provide maximum protection for your power supply technology, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

To control your systems efficiently, you will need to collect and evaluate data in real time around the clock. Due to their time-critical nature, data transfer to remote data centres needs to be avoided. Instead, the data should be stored and processed where generated. With modular data centre solutions for your edge computing application, Rittal provides you with complete, turnkey solutions that you can configure on an individual basis and as required.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and safe installation thanks to modular system enclosure and IT infrastructure
  • Future-oriented IT solutions – ideal for developing and operating smart grids
  • Fail-safe, long-term operation thanks to maximum protection from unpredictable and freak weather and environmental conditions
  • Global application options through compliance with international standards and worldwide service
  • A complete system supplier – one contact for all your questions

Typical solutions for power transmission

Industry Standard Projects

Main low voltage distribution board for compact transformer stations

Pre-configured solution for the main low voltage distribution board (LVDB) of compact transformer stations with 1,250 A @ 400 V.

Enclosure systems

Baying enclosure system VX25, sheet steel

System perfection. The new sheet steel VX25 baying enclosure system provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, a low level of complexity, plus time savings and reliable assembly. The VX25 large enclosure system retains a number of...

Swing frame

Swing frame, large for VX, 600, 800 and 1200 mm wide enclosures

For mounting 482.6 mm (19") equipment.


Compact enclosures

Enclosure and case systems in a compact design, available in the following variants: compact enclosures AX, plastic enclosures AX and system enclosures SE. Extremely versatile for controller applications with moderate space requirements. Meets the...


Outdoor enclosures

Outdoor enclosures are ideal for use outside. Rittal's CS wall-mounted enclosures and CS New Basic enclosures are available off the shelf as standard products. CS Toptec enclosures are the perfect solution for your outdoor projects. The multi-functional...

Outdoor climate control

Wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ outdoor 1.5 kW – 5.0 kW

Energy-efficient Blue e+ outdoor wall-mounted cooling units in output categories ranging from 1500 W to 5000 W. With their high protection category of IP 56 / UL type 12/3R/4 and a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C, they provide...