Gartner Elektrotechnik

Growing with the help of automated enclosure machining technology

Gartner Elektrotechnik, headquartered in northern Austria, understands that for a business to grow, it must invest – in people, infrastructure and equipment. For this reason, the electrical engineering company purchased a Perforex LC 3015 from Rittal, putting the 3D laser machining centre into operation in August 2017. The technology enables processes to be automated – and is the basis for future growth. To program the system, Gartner Elektrotechnik employs EPLAN Pro Panel software, a CAE solution for 3D engineering of enclosures.

One of the greatest challenges with enclosures is the need to optimise manufacturing processes in terms of both time and quality. With this in mind, we wanted a one-stop provider for the machining centre and the engineering software. This gives us a single point of contact, and we can be confident that all processes and cycles are aligned. Rittal and Eplan are the perfect partners for us.
Friedrich Gartner, Managing Director of Gartner Elektrotechnik
The electrical engineering company purchased a Perforex LC 3015 from Rittal, putting the 3D laser machining centre into operation in August 2017.

An investment in the future

“Any business looking to survive and thrive in enclosure manufacturing has to invest in the future,” explains Friedrich Gartner. And the entrepreneur is doing just that, with the help of automation technology that streamlines and speeds up production. Gartner Elektrotechnik found the ideal solution in the shape of the Perforex LC 3015 3D laser machining centre from Rittal. The legacy method of machining stainless steel was slow, loud, and entailed high wear of the corresponding tools. The new state-of-the-art laser technology of the Perforex LC 3015 ensures a rapid, low-vibration and non-contact process – without tarnishing or discoloration of the cut edges. Moreover, there is far less need for manual reworking, such as deburring. The materials no longer have to be clamped in place, they can simply be placed on the surface of the machining centre, further accelerating production. Overall, the new equipment has raised quality and saved time.

Rapidly up and running

The laser has been in operation since August 2017. The Perforex supports both component-based shop-floor programming and programming via imported CAD data, e.g. from EPLAN Pro Panel software – as is the case with Gartner Elektrotechnik. The CAE solution for 3D engineering of enclosures and switchgear guarantees that design of the enclosure and design of the control system go hand in hand. Gartner is highly satisfied with the partnership with Rittal and Eplan, and is optimistic about the future: “We are a growing enterprise. We have been experiencing annual increases in business volume of around 15 to 25 per cent. And thanks to the laser machining centre, we are confident of matching those figures in 2018.”


Gartner Elektrotechnik
Kirchschlag, Austria

Optimising manufacturing processes for enclosure construction
Machining stainless steel surfaces involving a high level of tool wear


Automation to simplify and speed up manufacturing processes
Perforex LC 3015 laser machining centre from Rittal Automation Systems
Programming direct from Eplan Pro Panel software