Consistent data boosts productivity

The major challenge for medium-sized companies in panel building and switchgear manufacturing is in completing projects as efficiently as possible while delivering a high level of quality at the same time. A high degree of automation and consistent data management – from engineering to production – help in achieving this. And it also makes sense for small and mid-size enterprises. Thermia in Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium, makes use of solutions from Eplan and Rittal Automation Systems. The data from 3D construction planning is employed for the automated production processes in the workshop. The result is a distinct increase in productivity at the company, whose core expertise is energy-efficient building technology.

EPLAN Pro Panel and Rittal Automation Systems’ Perforex are improving our quality and efficiency.
Frédéric Vandewiele, Managing Director, Thermia
Thermia in Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium, makes use of solutions from Eplan and Rittal Automation Systems.

Pro Panel and Perforex for greater efficiency

Through Rittal seminars, Thermia received targeted suggestions as to how processes in the company could be optimised along the entire value chain and how efficiency can be increased. The option of the automated processing of housings, enclosures and panels was able to convince the company. Since this is best achieved in perfect interaction with 3D construction planning, investments were made in Pro Panel licences from Eplan and a Perforex machining centre from Rittal Automation Systems. The Perforex is suitable for machining panels such as mounting plates or enclosure doors, as well as complete enclosures made of metal or plastic. Through using Pro Panel and by machining on the Perforex, the company has been able to significantly boost efficiency in its enclosure production, as the manual tasks involving machining the enclosure are now history.

Correct data is the answer

First of all, the Pro Panel licences were installed and the necessary training courses were run. This way, the staff were ready to properly generate the data needed by the Perforex machining centre. Frédéric Vandewiele talks about the experience: “During the training sessions, we realised that the quality of the data provided by the designers, such as 3D information or Eplan macros, was critical. Only with a high quality of data can we perform machining on the Perforex correctly and with a high level of quality.” By introducing Pro Panel and commissioning the Perforex, part of the engineering process is now transferred from the workshop to the design department. It is helpful that all the data for the Rittal housings and enclosures is available in EPLAN Data Portal – complete and in top quality. The good coordination between Eplan and Rittal was a particular benefit for Thermia. For example, Eplan staff were present on site to ensure a smooth transfer of data while the Perforex was being commissioned.


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Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium

Efficient, high-quality project implementation


Consistent data management from engineering through to manufacturing
3D construction planning for automated production processes

Using Perforex to machine panels such as mounting plates or even complete enclosures
Virtually no manual activities