Energy efficiency

Sustainability pays off

To limit the impact of climate change, CO2 emissions should be avoided wherever possible. That makes it vital for companies to adopt more sustainable business practices. There are several reasons for doing so, including compliance with legislation such as the new F-gas Regulation, which demands a move away from emissions that have an adverse effect on the climate. Energy efficiency contributes to the necessary reduction in CO2 emissions and also helps cut a company’s costs.

Revolutionary energy efficiency thanks to innovative technology

Reduce both costs and your carbon footprint – with the right planning tools, energy-efficient climate control solutions, and smart services and monitoring solutions from Rittal.

  • Thanks to our Rittal Therm calculation program for easy configuration of the necessary enclosure climate control
  • Thanks to Thermal Design Integration in EPLAN Pro Panel to identify hotspots early on at the engineering stage
  • Thanks to energy-efficient Blue e+ cooling units with an average energy saving of 75 per cent based on innovative hybrid technology
  • Thanks to Blue e+ chillers based on DC inverter technology for high-precision control and 55 per cent less coolant as a result of micro-channel technology
  • Thanks to fan-and-filter units with energy-efficient EC technology
  • Thanks to DC technology, which opens up new possibilities for use in areas such as renewable energies
  • Thanks to effiziency analyses identifying potential and cutting costs throughout the entire value chain
  • Thanks to standard-compliant IIoT solutions for networking machinery and equipment such as smart sensors for monitoring enclosures

DC voltage supply in automotive engineering

Ford Motorenwerke

Service and efficiency check of cooling units reveals savings potentials

The Ford engine plant in Cologne was forced to shut down a number of times in the space of a year due to defective cooling units. The company immediately accepted the offer from Rittal to carry out a manufacturer-independent inventory of all cooling...

Voith Turbo

Energy costs reduced by 70 per cent

Voith Turbo discovered that switching the enclosure climate control technology used for the machining centres in its production department to state-of-the-art Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal could deliver considerable efficiency savings.

Bosch Rexroth AG

A chiller in the iron foundry

When temperatures reach 40°C, things get uncomfortably hot for electronics. In iron foundries, of course, it regularly gets even hotter. At its site in Lohr am Main, Bosch Rexroth GmbH runs its own foundry, which incorporates a sand preparation plant....