Rittal IT-сервис

Артикульный № 5058.054

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Тип сервиса: IT – прокладка трубопроводов
Упаковка: 1 шт.
Вес: 0,01 kg
EAN: 4028177689664
Код ТНВЭД: 84159000
ETIM 7.0: EC000501
ETIM 6.0: EC000501
eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 19240201
eCl@ss 6.0/6.1: 19210709
Описание продукции: Piping for IT infrastructure, , Assembly and installation of the piping for refrigerant or, water connections are performed by qualified service, technicians and include the following:

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 Rittal IT-сервис

Артикульный № 5058.054

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