CPS Case Packaging System

Well packed

A total of 54 Rittal VX25 large enclosure systems are to be found in the production hall at CPS Case Packing Systems in Stramproy, Netherlands. They house electrotechnical control components for the nine packaging lines the company is setting up for a Canadian manufacturer of deep-frozen products. The Dutch company is relying on Rittal enclosures for the Canadian order to make this versatile machine fit for the future. This means, for example, that the worldwide, long-term availability of spare parts is ensured.

Besides the smooth mechanical operation of the packaging machines, the perfect electro-technical control of the electric motors, conveyor belts and the pressure and vibration pro-cesses is also of great importance for the Canadian order. “We have commissioned our control engineers to install the electrical control systems in the latest VX25 large enclosure systems from Rittal. This was a logical decision – and a forward-looking choice – for us,” says Marc Spreeuwenberg, electrical engineer at CPS Case Packing Systems. The unit’s control system enjoys UL-certification – an important requirement for commissioning in Canada. This is another reason why it is advantageous to use Rittal enclosures, which are generally UL compliant.


The new Rittal VX25 enclosure system will be the new standard for the decades to come.
Marc Spreeuwenberg, electrical engineer at CPS Case Packing Systems
At CPS, the changeover from the TS 8 series to the VX25 went without any glitches at all.

A premium brand for enclosure systems

Many of the packaging machine manufacturer’s clients specified Rittal enclosures. The current order another good reason for CPS Case Packing Systems’ control system engineer to finally switch to Rittal’s VX25 large enclosure systems, as they will set the new standard for decades to come. “We chose Rittal because we prefer to work with premium brands only,” Mr. Spreeuwenberg explained. When the machines are delivered with Rittal enclosures, it is guaranteed that the electrotechnical components will always be perfectly protected. What’s more, Rittal has representatives all over the world, so our customers can be sure that all the system accessories are available fast in their own countries,” Mr. Spreeuwenberg added.

Easy changeover

At CPS, the changeover from the TS 8 series to the VX25 went without any glitches at all. “We were able to use the same arrangement of mounting plates in the new VX25 large en-closure systems,” Mr. Spreeuwenberg stated. The CPS development department works with Eplan Electric P8 and has also used the program to plan the current system. The files are sent digitally to a switchboard manufacturer, which supplements them where necessary and then uses them to directly control the mechanical processing of the panels on its machining centres. The digital design thus forms the basis for assembly, installation and cabling. “We know in advance exactly what is going to be delivered to us so we don’t need to worry about it anymore", Mr. Spreeuwenberg smiled.