CEBIT 2018: Germany’s first cloud park for energy-intensive applications

2018-06-13. • Modular containers for flexible deployment – from edge to high-perormance computing • German site is located at the world’s largest Internet node for powerful, secure IT and cloud infrastructures

iNNOVO Cloud GmbH is now successfully operating Germany’s first cloud park in the Hoechst industrial park near Frankfurt: customers are able to enjoy secure, high-performance IT infrastructure for edge computing and Industry 4.0 applications within a matter of weeks. As the first customer projects have demonstrated, the concept is already enjoying broad market success, and is suitable for a variety of industries and scenarios, such as Industry 4.0 and blockchain, but also for the financial services sector.

Edge Computing gaining in importance

There are ever more sources of real-time data, including manufacturing environments, telecommunication networks, power grids, road traffic and logistics. And they need powerful IT resources directly at the point of origin. According to studies, 40 per cent of data generated by the Internet of Things is likely to be processed and analysed by edge-computing systems by 2019. Other forecasts suggest that around 60 per cent of cloud servers will be located in edge data centers by 2025.

The need for speed

As edge data centers are linked to the cloud, they need to be directly connected to global Internet backbones. For this reason, the iNNOVO cloud park is positioned close to the world’s most powerful Internet node, DE-CIX (Deutsche Commercial Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt. The cloud park comprises standardized IT containers from Rittal. These modular 20- and 40-foot container data centers are mobile, highly scalable and boast a power density of up to 35 KW per rack. What is more, they deliver the all-important energy efficiency today’s businesses crave: with an outstanding power usage effectiveness (PUE) of up to 1.1, these facilities consume as much as 40 per cent less power than conventional data centers. In addition, the modular system architecture allows customers to minimise upfront investment while having the option of adding further resources, as required.

As Dr Sebastian Ritz, CEO and co-founder of iNNOVO, explains, “We developed our cloud park with the imperatives of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and high-performance computing scenarios in mind. The concept is also suitable for many other compute-intensive workloads. The modular design of the data center container allows us to give our customers maximum scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, we can tailor our operational and managed services to the specific needs of the customer at any time.”

Local IT resources for global players

For companies based in and around Frankfurt looking for the low latency demanded by Industry 4.0 applications and edge computing tasks, the cloud park in Hoechst is an ideal location. It combines highly robust security with redundant power supply and excellent transport connections. The iNNOVO cloud park shows how businesses can establish new edge IT infrastructures in immediate proximity to their existing operations – reliably, rapidly and at low risk, in line with the needs of tomorrow’s smart industries.

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