Rittal at CEBIT 2018: Smart solutions for all edge scenarios

2018-05-25. At CEBIT 2018, Rittal will present turnkey, high-availability IT infrastructure solutions for all edge scenarios on its 500 square-metre stand in hall 12. In conjunction with partners such as ABB and HPE, Rittal will showcase a range of pioneering edge solutions – from Smart Industry to Smart Mobility. Rittal is a d!conomy exhibitor and participant in the d!talk conference, and will give a keynote address during the opening session of the CEBIT Cloud & Data Center Summit.

Herborn, Germany, 25 May 2018 – Edge IT systems could be processing and analysing 40 percent of data generated by the Internet of Things by 2019. According to other estimates, approximately 60 percent of cloud servers will be located in edge data centres by 2025.

Rittal will showcase real-world examples of pioneering edge solutions at CEBIT 2018. Visitors to its “Discover the Edge” exhibit will be able to experience a range of edge solutions up-close and in person – Smart Industry, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare and Smart Finance. These represent Rittal’s response to the digital transformation of the business world and society as a whole – in healthcare, retail, the public sector, and in all aspects of urban infrastructure.

“Digitization is driving diverse challenges in all industries. Our edge solutions help companies to implement made-to-measure IT infrastructure quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently. As a result, they can make effective use of innovative solutions for edge data centers,” explains Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President of Rittal’s IT Infrastructure Global Business Unit.

Smart solutions for real-world edge computing

Rittal and partners ABB and HPE will be presenting Smart Industry use cases focusing on digital transformation in industrial environments. Here, enterprises experience how they can establish high-availability, high-IP rating data centers – within or outside the production site – if additional IT resources are locally required for smart factory applications.

The “Smart Healthcare” exhibit highlights some of the challenges that digitization presents to this very special sector. Visitors can discover, for example, how sensitive patient data can be protected by means of high-availability IT infrastructure.

Intelligent technologies such as driverless vehicles and traffic guidance systems depend on the secure, reliable, and above all, rapid, processing of mass data. This means that high data availability is essential – with low latency achieved by locating IT resources as close as possible to the data source. The “Smart Mobility” exhibit presents corresponding solutions.

Innovative cooling solutions for maximum uptime

Data centers require high-performance cooling to keep IT systems operating reliably, with minimum outages. Rittal will show a broad range of new IT cooling solutions at CEBIT – designed for everything from single racks to entire data centers. They include coolant-based systems with a cooling output of 20 kW, hybrid solutions (with indirect free cooling) with a 35-kw cooling output and a new generation of water-cooled IT cooling solutions.

Intelligent insights into intelligent solutions

Complementing the exhibits, Rittal will host short presentations by specialists – on Smart Mobility, Smart Retail and Smart Finance – each day at its stand. In addition, Rittal will participate in CEBIT’s d!talk conference, giving presentations on trending topics: “Open Compute Infrastructure – Open Hardware. Open Software. Open Future.” and “The Greenest Data Center in Europe: Lefdal Mine Datacenter, Norway ”. They will take place on the Expert Stage in hall 12. A highlight of this year’s event will be the keynote address by Andreas Keiger at the opening session of the CEBIT Cloud & Data Center Summit on 13 June. He will deliver “Discover the Edge – Smart Solutions. Real Business.” at 10.45 a.m. on the Center Stage in hall 12.

For more information: www.rittal.com/cebit

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