Interlock kits

  • Interlock kits for VX
    Interlock kits for VX

    Including main door latch for safety locking of enclosures and bayed enclosure suites in accordance with UL regulations. Tested in conjunction with an actuator lever for master switches from the following companies: Allen Bradley, Square D, General Electric, Eaton, Siemens.


  • Operating mechanism
    Operating mechanism

    Operating mechanism for fitting in the enclosure with master switch and additionally in every fourth adjacent enclosure.


  • Adjacent door latch
    Adjacent door latch

    Adjacent cubicle latch mechanism for installation in adjacent enclosure.


  • Interconnecting rods
    Interconnecting rods

    Interconnecting rods to extend locking from the main enclosure to the adjacent enclosures of a bayed suite.


  • TS isolator door cover (US version)
    TS isolator door cover (US version)

    UL-compliant safety lock for enclosure suites in accordance with US regulations. The isolator door cover, in conjunction with the operating mechanism, adjacent door lock and interconnecting rods, meets the requirements of UL 508 A.


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