Chillers in floor-standing enclosure, TopTherm chillers and Chillers for IT cooling are perfect examples of Rittal's chiller ranges. They may be used to supply chilled water to not only our liquid cooling products, e.g. air/water heat exchangers, Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) and LCP for Industry, but also industrial processes and so are relevant to OEM and end users alike.

Our design solutions can encompass free cooling systems to maximise energy savings and substantially reduce day to day operational costs

Cooling capacities encompassing all standard Chiller ranges extend between 1 kW and 481 kW and chillers with larger cooling capacities are available upon request. Chillers for IT cooling are equally suitable for large capacity applications in industrial markets as they are to those in the IT sector.


Rittal chillers can be used to recirculate and cool water not only to air/water heat exchangers for enclosure cooling but also to a multitude of processes for which cooling is essential, across a variety of industrial sectors.

They may also be used to supply chilled oil, which is used as a coolant in many cutting and machining applications.

Large range, with cooling outputs from 1 kW to 481 kW

Energy efficient design results in a high coefficient of performance (COP)

Integral controller and pump

Variants suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Nano-coated condenser on smaller chillers - reduces maintenance requirements

Large range of optional accessories, including bypass valves, filters and free-cooling


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