482.6 mm (19") installation system

  • Swing frame
    Swing frame

    The rear of the 482.6 mm (19") installed equipment is conveniently accessible with a swing frame. Depending on the chosen version, an opening angle of 130° or 180° is available.


  • Mounting angles
    Mounting angles

    Mounting angles and mounting frames for interior installation with one or two 482.6 mm (19") levels for wall-mounted enclosures, free-standing enclosures and bayed enclosures.


  • Imperial installation
    Imperial installation

    Drawers in the 482.6 mm (19") level, panelling, stowage options for non-482.6 mm (19") devices and attachment options on the 482.6 mm (19") mounting angle with cage nuts or the innovative 482.6 mm (19") fastener


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