• Base/plinth system VX
    Base/plinth system VX

    The best of everything. The base/plinth system VX suits almost any enclosure application. It combines the best of all existing Rittal base/plinth functions in one variable modular system, giving you extra space, more user-friendly assembly, time savings and additional flexibility, despite a smaller number of parts.


  • Base/plinth system AX
    Base/plinth system AX

    The large opening in the base/plinth corner piece enables it to be screw-fastened to the enclosure directly from the front. The clip-in trim panels allow simple, fast access to the base/plinth for individual use, e.g. as a cable chamber.


  • Flex-Block base/plinth system
    Flex-Block base/plinth system

    Plastic base/plinth with metal trim panels for fast, tool-free assembly. Complete base/plinth with trim panels at the front, rear and sides, to suit your enclosure dimensions.


  • Base/plinth TS
    Base/plinth TS

    TS base/plinth consisting of base/plinth components at the front and rear, pre-configured with corner pieces, depending on the enclosure width, the side trim panels are selected according to the enclosure depth.


  • Cable chambers
    Cable chambers

    Cable chambers, with integral system punchings for individual system accessories


  • Base/plinth, complete
    Base/plinth, complete

    Base/plinth, complete for AE, TP, ES, trim panels at the front and rear with fitted corner pieces and side trim panels.


  • Accessories for base/plinth
    Accessories for base/plinth

    Accessories for base/plinth, such as base mounting plates, levelling feet, etc.


  • Base/plinth, stationary for PC, IW
    Base/plinth, stationary for PC, IW

    Design-coordinated with the enclosures, height 100 mm, with front projection.


  • Concrete base/plinth for CS New Basic enclosure
    Concrete base/plinth for CS New Basic enclosure

    Concrete base/plinth for CS modular and basic enclosures. The base/plinth is made from pre-cast concrete sections which are easily fitted in situ.


  • Cross member for VX, TS, SE, CM, TP, PC, IW, Blue e+ chillers
    Cross member for VX, TS, SE, CM, TP, PC, IW, Blue e+ chillers

    To increase stability, the cross member is positioned below the base frame of the enclosure and protrudes 138 mm at the front and rear.


  • Base/plinth for FlatBox
    Base/plinth for FlatBox

    For attachment to the pre-existing thread in the base area of the FlatBox. There is a rear recess provided for cable entry.


  • Stabilisation for TS IT
    Stabilisation for TS IT

    Stabiliser for TS server enclosures, the pull-out stabiliser is quickly and easily retrofitted to the lower frame of the server racks and only extended when necessary.


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