IT power

  • Power Distribution Rack
    Power Distribution Rack

    Enclosure system Power Distribution Rack with busbar and main switch, prepared for 482.6 mm (19") fuse module.


  • Power System Module PSM
    Power System Module PSM

    One or two infeeds with one phase or three phases, redundancy thanks to a change of the direction of connection of the socket module. Optional measurement of voltage, current and power consumption.


  • Power Ditribution Unit PDU
    Power Ditribution Unit PDU

    With the compact PDU, any IT rack is equipped with a professional power distribution system Tool-free installation in the zero-U space of the TS IT server racks. The extensive power measurement and monitoring functions make the PDU an efficient, reliable investment.


  • Voltage supply
    Voltage supply

    Socket strips, connector strips, junction box, socket, Energy-Box, PCU


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