Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Rittal Corporation’s enclosures and climate control systems are rapidly becoming the Oil and Gas industry’s first choice for protecting critical equipment. Essential for services such as exploration and production, transportation and storage, refining or processing, Rittal enclosures optimize physical work spaces and minimize the damaging effects caused by tough operating conditions in Oil and Gas industry environments. From offshore oil rigs that must be equipped to withstand persistent exposure to saltwater to petrochemical processing plants that must minimize chemical exposure and associated risks, Rittal addresses every challenge. Regardless of the conditions, Rittal products are constructed with materials and expertise that maximize durability and product life cycles.

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  • Planning and engineering

    • Outstanding development expertise
    • Tools for calculating and optimizing energy consumption
    • Industry expertise for the specific requirements of your sector

  • Products

    • Stainless Steel
    • LF Fiberglass Hinged Screw Cover Wallmount Enclosure
    • LF Fiberglass Screw Cover Junction Box
    • LF Fiberglass Quick Release Wallmount Enclosure
    • LF Fiberglass Pushbutton Enclosure
    • KS Fiberglass Wallmount Enclosure
    • LF Fiberglass Hinged Latch Cover Wallmount Enclosure
    • LF Fiberglass Freestanding Enclosure
    • LF Fiberglass Disconnect Enclosure
    • Power Distribution
    • UL Type 4X Wallmount AC
    • Industrial Fans/Blowers

  • Service

    • Global 24-hour service with Rittal service engineers, more than 60 subsidiaries and 40 international agents on-call
    • Accredited in-house testing facilities – providing comprehensive testing and trials under real conditions