Colocation Data Facilities

Rittal offers a full range of leading-edge IT products geared towards the future of data center design. The line covers every level of data center infrastructure including rack enclosures, power, cooling, monitoring and security. Rittal’s System approach with its scalability, power management and ultra-effective, high-density temperature control, reliable security and remote system monitoring programs meet the challenges of today and the changes of tomorrow. No matter how large or how small a project may be, Rittal’s approach assures the perfect fit — all with a focus on saving energy, saving space and controlling costs. Rittal solutions provide an “open playbook” when it comes to design and functionality — providing ways to maximize space and “grow up, not out.”

  • Planning resources

    • Analysis and evaluation of all requirements for a new or existing data center
    • Rittal systems are energy efficient and scalable
    • Extensive analysis and measurements to determine all the key parameters of an instalation’s IT and infrastructure systems
    • Solutions for a complete IT environment including security, availability and optimum cost efficiency

  • Products

    • Network/Server Enclosures
    • Wallmount Network Enclosures
    • PDU Power Distribution Units
    • UPS
    • Cable Management
    • IT Liquid Cooling
    • IT Fans/Blowers
    • Monitoring and Security

  • Service

    • Global service with in-house service engineers
    • Customer-centric, readily available — more than 60 subsidiaries and 40 international agents
    • Reliable costs with individual maintenance contracts around the globe
    • Extendible guarantee times based around your requirements